32nd Annual Conference
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APRIL 1, 2, 3, 4, 2019   PORTLAND, OREGON   

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BioCycle WEST COAST19 Workshop 1

Renewable Natural Gas — The Bottom Line
Monday, April 1, 2019; 8:30 AM–12:45 PM

Updated 4.12

Fee: $175 with 2-day conference registration
or $250 workshop only


Who needs to be at the table to complete a profitable renewable natural gas (RNG) to pipeline injection deal?
How does financial risk get allocated?
What are the costs, which gas utilities are on board, and who are key RNG buyers?

The answers to these questions, along with analyses of federal RINs, California's LCFS and Oregon's Clean Fuel Standard markets, gas clean-up requirements and developing policies, will be covered.


Organized by:
Oregon Department of Energy
Washington State Department of Commerce



Sponsored by:
American Biogas Council




7:45 AM—8:30 AM Workshop Registration

8:30 AM—8:45 AM Workshop Overview, Introductions
Nora Goldstein, BioCycle
Daniel Avery, Oregon Department of Energy
Peter Moulton, Washington State Department of Commerce

8:45 AM—9:30 AM Renewable Natural Gas Marketplace, Drivers


Brad Pleima, EcoEngineers
Bill Peters, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

• Federal Renewable Fuel Standard — 2019 update
• California Low Carbon Fuel Standard status report
• Oregon Clean Fuels Program

9:30 AM—10:15 AM The Business Case


Dan Evans, Promus Energy
Brad Pleima, EcoEngineers
• Completing RNG to pipeline injection deal
• Project risk allocations
• D3 vs. D5 RIN calculations

10:15 AM—10:30 AM Break

10:30 AM—11:00 AM The Rules (aka Injections Standards)

Paul Cammack, Black Hills Energy
David Broustis, King County (WA) Energy Program
• Gas utility injection standards — trends and insights
• How RNG projects navigate utility injection standards
• Standardizing injection standards


11:00 AM—11:30 AM The Offtakers

John Armstrong, BP Energy Company
Tim Olson, California Energy Commission
• RNG market assessment — who's buying credits and why
• Servicing CNG fueling stations with RNG
• Tapping pipeline networks

11:30 AM—12:15 PM The Deals (aka Projects)

Paul Suto, Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant, Portland, OR

Dan Evans, Promus/Brightmark Augean RNG, LLC , Outlook, WA

David Broustis, King County South Treatment Plant, Renton, WA

• Journeys into the pipeline
• Project model with dairy-derived biogas
• Government agencies as project developers


12:15 PM—12:45 PMQ&A, Wrap-Up