31st Annual Conference
Compost ManufacturingAnaerobic Digestion Food Recovery & Recycling
Compost, Biogas
And Digestate Markets
Climate Enterprise Opportunities

March 26, 27, 28, 29, 2018   San Diego, California  

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Agenda: Wednesday, March 28

Updated 4.9

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | | 8:30 AM — 9:45 AM
Track 1
Composting Facility Management
Certified Compost Operations Managers: Progress Report And Future Plans

Cary Oshins, U.S. Composting Council

BMPs For Facility Permitting Success

Cynthia Liles, Clements Environmental Corp.

Impact Of Feedstock Processing On ASP Composting Performance

David Girard, Peterson Corp.

Track 2
Biosolids Recycling In A Post-Disposal Era
Processing And Application Methods' Impacts On Crop Nutrient Use Efficiency

Michael Boh, McGill University

Proactive Partnerships To Manage California Biosolids

Greg Kester, California Association of Sanitation Agencies

State Of The Knowledge — Perfluorooctanoic Acids (PFOAs)

Sally Brown, University of Washington

Track 3
Behavior Based Strategies To Keep Compostables Out Of Trash
Information-Intensive Programs Vs. Social Science Based Tools

Jennifer Tabanico and Kaitlin Phelps, Action Research

Applying CBSM To Outreach Programs To Change Food Waste Behavior

Jennifer Tabanico and Kaitlin Phelps, Action Research

Residential And Commercial Organics Diversion — Behavior Insights

Track 4
Current Research And Development
Advances In Biochar Products, Systems And Processes

Thomas Miles, US Biochar Initiative

Mulch Mowing Leaves And Yard Debris — What Does The Science Say?

Mary Schwarz, Cornell Waste Management Institute

Removing Excess Water From Digestate: Thermodynamic Modeling

Geoff Hill, Engineered Compost Systems

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | | 10:30 AM — 12:15 PM
Track 1
Contaminant Management
Cost Of Contamination — A Composter's Reality

Fran San Diego, Agri Service, Inc.

Contaminant Removal Efficiencies

Matthew Cotton, Integrated Waste Management Consulting, LLC

Compost Quality Standard Compliance

Luc DeBaere, OWS, Inc.

Grit And Inert Contaminant Of AD Feedstocks

Ryan O'Loan, CDEnviro

Track 2
Renewable Natural Gas — Projects And Pipeline Interconnections
Biogas Treatment And Upgrading Technologies

Christine Polo, Black & Veatch

On-Farm Aggregation Project Achieves Economies Of Scale

Gus Simmons, Cavanaugh & Associates

Biomethane Pipeline Injection Best Practices

Brian Gannon, Biogas Energy

Natural Gas Utility In Denmark Shifts To Biogas

Hans Andersen, Nature Energy A/S

Track 3
Expanding Residential Collection Of Food Waste And Compostable Packaging
BioCycle 2017 Residential Food Waste Collection Access Study

Virginia Streeter, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Food Scraps And Packaging Acceptance By Composters

Hunt Briggs, Resource Recycling Systems

Strategies To Increase Collection Access And Close Infrastructure Gaps

Panel Discussion:

Lynn Dyer, Food Service Packaging Institute

Hunt Briggs, Resource Recycling Systems

Virginia Streeter, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Track 4
AD Project Development — Assessing The Options
King County (WA) Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Study

Tim Raibley, HDR

Warranties, Credible Performance Measures And Contract Pitfalls

Robin Szmidt, Target Renewables Ltd.

Hauler, System Vendor Partnership Yields Feedstock And Facility Financing

Thomas Gratz, Hitachi Zosen Inova USA, LLC

Public/Private Codigestion Partnership At Ontario Treatment Plant

Nick Bonkoski, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | | 1:45 PM — 3:30 PM
Track 1
Organics Recycling Policies Assessment
Regulating, Managing Biowaste In The Netherlands: A 25-Year Perspective

Martin van Nieuwenhoven, Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management

Anaerobic Digester Infrastructure & Related Policies

Troy Weber, CalRecycle

SB 1383 Market Analysis

Tim Hall, CalRecycle

Merging A Diversion Goal With A Methane Reduction Goal — An Industry Perspective

Veronica Pardo, California Refuse Recycling Council

Track 2
Anaerobic Digestion Facility Optimization
Managing High Nitrogen Digestate

Harold Leverenz, University of California, Davis

Food Waste Codigestion Impacts On Treatment Plant Operations

Michael Hyatt, East Bay Municipal Utility District (CA)

Enhancing Performance Of Food Waste Only Digester

Alan Johnson, quasar energy group

Electricity Generation Efficiency And Biogas Storage

Dimas Aditya Philipinanto, Ohio University

Track 3
Residential Organics Collection Case Studies
Curbside Organics Collection — Lessons Learned: Austin, Texas

Emlea Chanslor, Austin Resource Recovery/City of Austin

Amy Slagle, Litter Abatement, City of Austin

Sam Angoori, Austin Resource Recovery/City of Austin

Increasing Voluntary Green Bin Participation: Region of Waterloo, Ontario

Cari Rastas Howard, Region of Waterloo, Ontario

Door-To-Door Campaign Yields 70% Organics Diversion: Langley Twp., Vancouver, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Tamara Shulman and Melissa Nielson, Tetra Tech Canada

Boosting Organics Diversion At Apartment Building Complex

Mark Williams, BioBag Americas, Inc.


Track 4
Community Needs, Composting Solutions
Community Composting Solutions

Erik Martig, Conscious Compost

"Extreme Composting" Solves Emergency Sanitation At Standing Rock

Alisa Keesey, Givelove

Island Solution: Food Recovery, Composting On Martha's Vineyard

Lorenzo Macaluso, Center for EcoTechnology

On-Site Composting At Early Adopting Businesses

Jessica Toth, Solana Center for Environmental Innovation

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | | 4:00 PM — 5:30 PM
  Closing roundtables  
Accelerating Organics Recycling
Infrastructure Development

Panelists: Howard Levenson, CalRecycle Greg Kester, California Association of Sanitation Agencies John Dannan, Generate Capital

Renee Robertson, City of San Diego

Nick Lapis, Californians Against Waste

Accelerating Edible Food Recovery


Mike Learakos, Waste Not Orange County

Kyle Pogue, CalRecycle

Nate Clark, Spoiler Alert

Lorenzo Macaluso, Center for EcoTechnology

Monica White, Edgar & Associates, Inc.